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01-04-2016, 12:17 PM
Vote for us on the MMOTOP and apply for 50 Exilium Coins. We will give 3 awards of 50 Exilium Coins, choose randomically between everyone who voted. All others will receive the standard vote reward.

This is a special event that will occur only today (January 4) because we're "testing" this TOP.

Learn how to vote: https://forum.exiliumworld.com/showthread.php?11138

Do not forget to enter your nickname correctly.

Both, the 3 awards of 50 Exilium Coins and the standard rewards will be delivered at the end of the day. We will let you all know when it happens.

01-04-2016, 12:17 PM
Vote em nós no MMOTOP e concorra a 50 Exilium Coins. Iremos sortear 3 prêmios de 50 Exilium Coins, escolhidos aleatoriamente entre todos os que votaram. Todos os outros também receberão a recompensa padrão.

Esse é um evento especial que ocorrerá somente hoje (4 de Janeiro), pois esamos "testando" este TOP.

Aprenda como votar: https://forum.exiliumworld.com/showthread.php?11138

Não esqueça de inserir seu nickname corretamente.

Ambos, os 3 prêmios de 50 Exilium Coins como as recompensas padrão serão entregues hoje ao final do dia. Avisaremos quando acontecer.

01-04-2016, 11:18 PM
22 total of votes. Much less than expected, but here we go:



All the others who voted can receive the standard vote reward in-game typing the .getreward command.

Thank you for participating.