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Faris - 13/12/2020

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  • Faris - 13/12/2020

    New Farming Zone: Updated Hellbound (NEED FULL UPDATE).

    The new Hellbound will replace Monastery of Silence and Dragon Valley Cave. The strengthen of the monsters are divided as follows:

    Level 1: Ancient Temple and Sand Swept Dunes (Equals to Monastery of Silence 1th floor)

    Level 2: Hellbound Entrance (Equals to Monastery of Silence intermediate floors)

    Level 3: Enchanted Megaliths and Hellbound Quarry (Equals to Dragon Valley Cave)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Hellbound.png Views:	0 Size:	409.5 KB ID:	158683

    Level 4: The entire other side of Hellbound which will call Hellbound Citatel (Equals to Monastery of Silence 2th floor)

    Some monsters of the Hellbound Citatel zone will be stronger than the usual, but will have better drops, for example: Ancient Enchant scrolls.

    Those monsters are: Celtus, Beleth's Retainer, Beleth's Fighter and Hellinark

    Monastery of Silence and Dragon Valley cave entirely removed from High Level Hunting Zones. They now have common drops.

    Problems on the Launcher? Download the PATCH from the following link:


    PS: Fafurion is not available on the Launcher yet, only through the link above!

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