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Faris - 14/12/2020

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  • Faris - 14/12/2020

    Spoil Drop improved. Here's how it will work from now on:

    All monsters can drop Ancient Adena from spoil. Half the amount they normally drop with 30% chance.

    On high level hunting zones, besides the AA drop mentioned above, monsters can drop specific items with a double chance of what they usually have, as follows:

    Hellbound Entrancem, Refugee camp, Sand Swept Dunes, Enchanted Megaliths and Desert Quarry: Blessed Enchants
    Hellbound Citadel: Giant's Codex and Giant's Codex Mastery
    Seed of Annihilation: Blessed and Ancient Enchants

    Critical chance added to Crushing Strike and Lucky Strike.

    Spoil and Spoil Festival enchant routes improved (Damage over time and Decrease Atk. Spd. debuff chances)

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