A new item has been created: Exilium Ether.

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This will be the item that players will be able to sell to us through the website (https://forum.exiliumworld.com/forum...cements/169094). Please note that this feature is under development yet.

It can be obtained mainly by doing Achievements, killing Champions, exchanging for Fame on Hector and as reward for all members of the Clan that wins the SOW.

It can also be used to Forge Exilium Coins on the NPC Bruenor, located at the dephts of Hellbound.

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Since this is an item that can be used either to make Exilium Coins, or to sell for real money, only Premium characters will be able to obtain it!

As you can also see on the picture, Exilium Coins can also be turned back into Exilium Ether, because this is the item we will buy from players. So if you decided to sell your coins, all you need to do is to transform them into Ether.

As we've added one more coin and to simplify the gameplay, we're removing Event Tokens from the game and going back to the old Item exchange for Fame. You gain Fame, then exchange for items on Hector, just like it used to be. Everything that gives Event Tokens as a reward will now give the equivalent in Fame (Token x100). The prices on the NPC were also placed equivalently. Don't worry, you won't lose your Event Tokens, they can be exchanged for Fame and even Exilium Ether on Hector up to a week from now (click on the "Exchange Rewards" option to exchange)

The Fame Daily reduction has been removed. Player's will not lose 10% of their Fame everyday anymore. This reduction will happen whenever you want to buy items on Hector. So now it's all up to you. You can choose to keep your Fame high or to exchange it for items and lose some of it (and thus deleveling the Dauting Presence level as well).

Premium members will not receive 30% more Fame anymore.

As mentioned above, SOW Clan reward has been changed. It will now give 150 Exilium Ether to all online members of the SOW's winning Clan, and 1000 Exilium Ether for the leader, if he is online.

As the Event Tokens have been removed, we've put the Medal of Honor back into the game, which will be obtained exclusively from Events and can be exchanged for 1000 Fame or 10 Exilium Ether. It will be given as a reward to everyone, regardless of whether the team won or not. It could also be a way to "stock Fame", just like the MOG is, but better.

Exilium Event Box (Mystic) can now give 10-100 Exilium Ether as a reward with 25% chance. CP Potions removed from the box.

A new Achievement have been created: Conqueror: Win 10 tournament games. (Repeatable)

Events achievements (Survivor, Battles, War, and all others) are now repeatables.

As mentioned above, all Achievements will now give exclusively Fame and Exilium Ether as a reward. If you're not Premium, you'll receive only Fame. Some Achievements can give very good amounts of Ether, while others not so much. For example becoming a hero will give you 10000 Ether which is equal to 10 Exilium Coins.