Two new Achievements have been created: Overcharged and Paladin

: Acquire 5000 extra Fame while already having your Fame at maximum.

This will give you an oportunity to stay with your Fame at maximum (Dauting presence Lv. 10) and use other achievements and other Fame sources to activate this one, and thus creating some kinda of "loop" where you'll sacrifice the Fame received to get more Exilium Ether. A good option if your goal is to maximize the amount of Exilium Ether while staying with the skill at the maximum level.

Reward: 10 Exilium Ether

Paladin: Defeat Zariche or Akamanah inside Scroll of War Zone.

Reward: 100 Exilium Ether and 5000 Fame.

All event achievements (Battles Master, War Master, etc...) will now require 3 wins instead of 5. Their reward is: 1000 Exilium Ether and 10000 Fame.

Fame given at the Scroll of War increased (2x)

Few bugs on the new two events fixed

Achievement window reworked. The color of the Achievement will represent if it's repeatable or not. Green is the repeatable ones, Orange is the non-repeatable ones.

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