We've created a new event, that we will call The World's Guardians.

It is very common for players to determine a location for PVP, and always stay in that same location, as it ends up becoming a culture (nowadays it is Cidadel, before it was DVC, for example). World Guardians aim to rotate the "Random PvP" locations between all the High Level Hunting Zones.

Very powerful guards will be spawned in all High Level Hunting Zones, EXCEPT ONE. These guards attack PK players, and FLAG players too. That is, it is impossible to do PvP on the respawn, near the guard.

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The unprotected zone can be easily identified in the GK itself by its purple color, giving players a clear direction of where the PVP is taking place.

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Guards will rotate between zones every 2 to 3 hours. Causing the unprotected zone (free zone for PVP) to alternate from time to time.

We hope you enjoy the event and that the "Random PVPs" become more interesting and diversified. And remember, SOW is always open for PVP!

Battlefield TAB bug fixed (I hope so)