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Faris - 29/11/2021

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  • Faris - 29/11/2021

    From now on, only one Green Talisman can be equipped at a time. If you equip 2, you'll get effect from only one.

    Skins systems have been reworked.

    Premium characters will no longer have access to all Skins. Aaccess to the .dressme command continues, so they can switch skins anywhere, but access to the Skins itself have been removed from the Premium benefits. Later on we intend to enable some special Skins only for Premium characters (S, A, B... grade set skins)

    To buy Skins from now on, you will need a specific item for each Skin that can only be obtained through the Skin Vault with a certain chance. Nobody will be able to buy any Skin directly anymore, just the Skin Vault, which is a box that contains all the skins. When opening the Skin Vault you will receive a Magic Skin randomly, which can further be taken to Gabrielle's Bonheur to have that Skin activated.

    In addition, the skins were divided into categories, namely: Common, Rare and Legendary.

    Click image for larger version

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    Common Skins are more likely to be obtained from Skin Vault (70%), Rare and Legendary are less likely (20% and 10% respectively).

    Skin Vault can be crafted on the Hector (as it was the Gabrielle Service token) and it will also drop from all Raid and Grand Bosses with a small chance. (Raid Bosses 3-5%, Grand Bosses 20-40%)

    Both the Skin Vault and the Magic Skins obtained from it can be traded between players.

    All players who previously purchased Skins will keep them, nothing will be removed from those who purchased them before.

    The division of Skins into the categories mentioned above have been setup as follows:

    Common Skins: Archer, Cowboy, Leprechaun, White Assassin, Dark Assassin, Crusade, Pirate, Steampunk, Royalty, Royal Knight, Royal Archer, Captain Pirate, Ciborgue, Roman General, Lauto, Joker, Wonderland, Hearts (new)

    Rare Skins: Akamanah, Zariche, Dragonbone, Kawaii, Royal Zubei, Lilith, Kat the Cat, Diplomatic Traveler, Valkyrie, Nightmare Weaver, Priest, Dark Priest, Eskimo (new)

    Legendary Skins: Desert Eagle, Shapeshifter, Emerald (Heavy, Light and Robe), Nacar (Heavy, Light and Robe), Spirit Dragon (Heavy, Light and Robe), Aegis (new), Antharas (new), Sky Eagle (new), Saggitarius Armor (new - not available)

    As seen above, 6 new Skins have been added: Hearts, Eskimo, Aegis, Antharas, Sky Eagle, Saggitarius Armor (Saggitarius Armor is not available in Skin Vault). You can see pictures of them below.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.