Maximum Magic Critical Rate increased from 250 to 400

Skill Dance of Siren power reduced from 100% to 35%

Those two small changes will put the Magic Critical Rate "back in the game". The fact that the Dance of Siren increases Magic Critical Rate by 100% makes everyone get the maximum stat allowed (250) no matter what. This takes away the usefulness of many buffs and items that influence Magic Critical Rate. This reduction to 35% on Dance of Siren will keep everyone with the Magic Critical Rate around 250, as it was, but with the possibility of increasing or decreasing it depending on the buffs and items you use. In addition, classes and races (WIT) will also have an influence now.
Skills Enlightenment Magic Critical Bonus reduced from 50% to 20%

Skill Aura Flash chance increased

A new Red Passive Augmentation have been created: Vampiric Rage. It's available normally through Life Stones and also on Amara (Augmentation Shop) for Exilium Coins. It will give the same status as the Active one gives (6% Vampiric Rage).

Classes Adjustments

+5% base Magic Critical Rate
Mystic Muse
+15% base Magic Critical Rate