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Faris - 05/01/2023

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  • Faris - 05/01/2023

    Physical Skills damage formula have been reworked


    - Skills had a fixed Critical Rate, usually 15%-20%

    - When the critical happens, the damage was multiplied by 2.


    - Your critical rate will determine each skill's critical chance (if the skill can deal critical damage - some cannot)

    - When the critical happens, the damage will be multiplied by your critical power.

    Blow Skills damage formula have been reworked


    - Your Blow rate determines if you'll do damage or not

    - The Blow is always a critical and the damage is multiplied by your critical power. On top of that, the Blow can its own critical damage, multipling the damage by 2 (this is when those 8k damage happens)


    - Your Blow rate determines if you'll do damage or not

    - The Blow is always a critical and the damage is multiplied by your critical power. No more "second critical"

    - Your critical rate will determine how much of your critical power you'll be using. For example, if you have 500 critical rate, you'll be using from 50% to 100% your critical power.

    - The new formule allows to bigger damages to compensate the lack of the "second critical" and the critical rate influence.

    * Physical Skills will continue to ignore Critical Damage evasion, Critical Damage vulnerability and Reflect, as it was before.

    * Charge Skills (Duelist and GK) will also follow the new formula, but with some adjustments so they don't become too overpower.

    * The information above is simplified, more than it was mentioned was modified to ensure nothing becomes too weak or overpower.

    New Skills Formula Comments:

    In a Full-buffs environment skills are always one step below in terms of damage. In fact, they don't deal even half of an ordinary critical hit (even when they do critical). The only benefit of using skills is to avoid Evasion and Reflect Damage, but still, we think they are too weak. We think the correct thing is that they always do at least a little more damage than a normal hit.

    The new formula will make it possible for skills to always deal equivalent or greater damage than a common critical hit.

    We believe this change will improve class balance, making Fighter classes more viable for example.

    The formula changes are only aimed at improving common physical skills, not Blows and Charge skills, although they may suffer different molds from now on as well, as they will be affected by Critical Rate and Power.

    Vorpal Sets have been reworked.

    Their P. Def. will be equal to the Elegia and the new bonuses will be as follows:

    Vorpal Heavy

    DEX -1; CON +2; STR +1 When equipped: P. Def. +8.47%, P. Atk. +5.57%, Accuracy +4, Critical Damage power +19%, Resistance to Damage Magic +5%, Max. HP +570, HP Regeneration +17% and Resistance to Bleed, Hold and Sleep attacks +50%. Opens cloak slot.
    Vorpal Light

    DEX +1; CON +1; When equipped: P.Atk +5.57%, P. Def. + 5.57%, Atk. Spd. +5%, Moving Spd. +3%, Resistance to Stun Atk. +50% and Critical Damage power +19%. Opens cloak slot.
    Vorpal Robe

    WIT +1; MEN -1; INT +2; When equipped: M. Atk. +8.7%, P.Def. + 3.37%, Speed +4, Casting Spd. +15%, Magic Critical power +11%, Max MP +92, MP Recovery Bonus +5% and Resistance to Stun Atk. +50%. Opens cloak slot.


    Curse of Divinity damage bonus per Buff reduced from 0,07 to 0,05

    Soul of Pain fixed (no more "Attack Failed"). Chance of removing target reduced.

    Contagion no more requires the target to be bleeding to be used.

    Touch of Death will now remove 100% of the opponent's CP 100% of the times. Plus, if the debuff lands, the opponent's cannot recover CP until the debuff lasts.

    Enuma Elish and Demolition Impact delay reduced.

    Hamstring Shot can no longer critical hit.

    Double Shot and Lethal Shot delay increased.

    Hawk Spirit totem +30% Skill Damage bonus removed.

    Shield Stun Time route changed from 20s to 15s


    Issue of characters suddenly stopping attacking possibly has been fixed.

    "F1" Weapons, Icarus Weapons and Moirai Sets removed from drops and from Morgomir.

    "F2" Weapons, Vorpal and Elegia sets removed from Morgomir. They can only be dropped now.

    All High level hunting zones will be dropping specifically F2 Weapons, Vorpal and Elegia. Same goes for Level 80 and 84 Raid bosses.​

    NPC The Guardian removed from the game. "Rare" items will ne be sold anymore.

    Doombringer extra bonuses per Souls amount removed.

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