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Faris - 06/01/2023

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  • Faris - 06/01/2023

    Charge skills (Duelist/GK) Formula reviwed/improved

    Twin Shot delay increased

    Hawk Spirit Totem +30% Skill Damage instead +10%

    +39 Critical Rate bonus added to Fist Weapon Mastery

    Death Shot
    power reduced to 17303

    Multiple Shot power reduced to 13667

    Blessing of Queen will now give fixed amounts of Critical Rate and Power. More bonuses when using a close-range weapon.


    This buff was the main cause of archer skills (and maybe others) to cause extraordinary damage due to stacking critical power too much. The fixed amount will work better with the new skills setup.
    A small amount of Critical rate bonus have been added to Gift of Queen when using close-range weapons.

    Physical Pose skill damage bonus reduced from 20% to 5%

    Real Target crossbow vulnerability reduced from 40 to 25% and bow vulnerability reduced from 24 to 14%

    Trickster +10% PvP Physical Damage bonus (-10% nerf removed)

    Please note that the last Changelog from 05/01/2023 will problably keep impacting classes balancing and more adjustments will have to be make, but when it's over we hope to have a better balancement with more playable classes. If you think anything is unbalanced you can let us know here on the Forum.

    These changes will not e on the Client Skills descriptions yet

    Search our Website and Forum before post.