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Faris - 11/01/2023

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  • Faris - 11/01/2023

    Skills Adjustments

    Seal of Suspension physical skills reuse increase reduced from 200% to 50%. Duration reduced from 120s to 60s.

    Chain Heal can only be used on another target than yourself from now on

    Steal Essence power increased from 109 to 152 (173 on the power route). SAP decreased from 80% to 40% (60% on the SAP route). Mana usage fixed (it was using less mana, probably some old change)

    Fear delay increased

    Medusa's Side Effect will no longer reduce target's Reflect Damage. Duration increased from 30s to 60s.

    Demonic Blade Dance reworked: Power and Chance increased. Added -10% Speed and -70% Reflect damage. New animation added.

    Psycho Symphony reworked. Power increased. Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. reduced from -30% to -23%. Speed reduced from -30% to -10%. Added -40% Reflect damage. New animation added.

    Insane Crusher reworked: HP Recovery magic reduced from -30% to -80%. Added -70% Reflect damage.

    Touch of Death HP Recovery magic reduced from -30% to -50%.

    Arcane Shield will no longer stop natural MP Regen.

    Skill Critical Chance level 3 added to Abyss Walker, leaned at levels 40, 49 and 58.

    Focus Chance totally reworked: For 2 hours, Increases Critical Rate by 150 and Blow Rate by 70%. Requires a dagger. Enchant route 1: Increases critical rate up to 300. Enchant route 2: Increases Blow Chance up to 90%.

    Focus Power enchant routes improved. Side route improved from +40% to +50% Critical Damage and Rear route from +70% to 80% critical damage (in fact the rear route was bugged and was doing nothing actually).

    Touch of Eva percentage damage activation reduced from 30% to 10% when damage is received. Minimum of 100 damage is now required (as it is on many damage activation skills)

    Classes Adjustments


    -30% PvP Skill damage (boost removed)
    -10% M. Atk. (boost removed)

    -30% PvP Skill damage (boost removed)
    -10% M. Atk. (boost removed)
    PS: The increase on the Steal Essence power will counter that. The damage will be the same, this is just a "clean up".

    Shillien Templar

    +20% Shield defense rate (nerf removed)
    +20% Shield defense power (nerf removed)

    -5% Physical skills power (boost removed)

    Inside Olympiad Adjustments


    -30% PVP Magical Damage changed to -20%
    +10% PvP Defense (nerf removed)
    +10 Concentration (nerf removed)

    -30% PVP Magical Damage changed to -20%

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