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Faris - 12/03/2019

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  • Faris - 12/03/2019

    New Achievements added for Events.

    Now you can increase the Vote and Event rewards you get by increasing level on its corresponding Achievements.

    Lean more:

    Some events had it's "bonus" immediate reward (usually given by killing someone, opening one treasure chest, etc) to a Objective reward. On Deathmath, Survivor, Lucky Chests and further on Zombie Infection you'll have an Objective to accomplish, and then, when the event ends, you can get a reward from it or not. These rewards are listed on the topic above.

    4 types of Exilium Magic Boxes have been made. You can learn more how they work by reading the topic above as well.

    Amount of Events per day reduced to one by hour, and totally random. There will be no fixed schedule for each event anymore. But that can not be final, we're still working on this (Schedules and event locations)

    Now if you die on the Survivor event, you'll be removed from it right away. You no longer need to wait dead until the event is over. Also, we fixed the other issues on it.

    The General reward (100.000 AA) we was giving to everyone just by participating on events have been removed. We did this to help, and to get more people going to the events. The result? BOT players on all events.

    Players knownlists treatment have been improved. In other words, some anti-lag stuff added from the "new rev"

    IMPORTANT! A Fast Update must be applied

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