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Faris - 14/04/2019

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  • Faris - 14/04/2019

    Your Title inside events will now show to you and everyone else your KILLS and DEATHS. It will be displayed like "K: xx | D: xx". This is just a number of how much you've killed and how many times you've been killed. The event Score, which determines the winner and loser team and also the Best Player of each event is displayed on the Event window (.event). The Score is nothing more than your KILLS minus your DEATHS.

    Now when someone reaches a Score of -5 on events, this player will stop giving Score until he kills someone (and gets the Score of -4). Also, when you reach a Score of -5, you'll stop decreasing your Score.
    In other words, a "-5 player" doesn't count points (Score) to your team or to you. It's just a newbie there that doesn't worth killing anymore. You can do a quick math using their title to know his Score. For example someone with the title "K: 0 | D: 20" obviously have a -5 Score.

    A "Balancement System" was developed to the events Battles, War and Domination which consists on increasing the winning team respawn delay. In other words, if a team start to clearly win the event with a large advantage, their respawn time will be increased. This extra time between deaths of the winning team is intent to give the opportunity to the loser team to "turn de tide"

    A few bugs fixed, like not showing the nicknames on the party.

    Battlefield table of the Community Board will now update how many players are inside the zone by minute (before it was updated only when fame was given inside of it. So, often, even with many players inside of it, it was displaying "0 players inside" until someone "starts the battle".

    Some adjustments on the Classes Balancement inside Olympiad only

    ∟ Eva's Templar
    Removed the 5% default increasing to all resistances
    -10% PvP Physical Damage
    -10% PvP Defense

    ∟ Shillien Templar
    -5% Paralyze Proficience
    -10% PvP Physical Damage
    -10% PvP Defense

    ∟ Phoenix Knight
    -5% PvP Defense

    ∟ Dominator
    -5% Sleep proficience

    ∟ Cardinal
    +5% PvP Defense
    Fixed the problem of the S84 Initial KIT reward that was not being delivered.

    12 New Magic Skins added! Check it out on NPC Gabrielle Bonheur on the Luxury Hall

    Attention! A Fast Update is necessary!

    Search our Website and Forum before post.