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New rules regarding Clan Halls

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  • New rules regarding Clan Halls

    From now on, all Clan Halls owned by Clans that fit into the descriptions below will be taken for auction.

    Secondary or BOT Clans, that have no real members nor activity.

    In this case the Clan Hall will be taken for auction with no previous warning.

    Real Clans, but inactive for more than 30 days.

    In this case we'll send a 7-day previous warning by email in-game and to the email registered on the leader's account so he can try to restore activity.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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    Novas regras sobre Clan Halls

    De agora em diante, todas as Clan Halls cujos Clans donos se enquadrem nas descrições à seguir, serão levadas a leilão.

    Clans BOT ou secundários, inativos e sem membros reais.

    Neste caso a Clan Hall será levada a leilão sem nenhum aviso prévio.

    Clans Reais, mas inativos por mais de 30 dias.

    Neste caso enviaremos um aviso prévio de 7 dias in-game e um email para o email registrado na conta do líder, para que ele possa tentar restaurar a atividade.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.