I am writing to you regarding my ban. Apparently it's about selling coins, but I haven't sold any coins. I play with my brother DrJoint - previously it was nickname Land. I gave him this character, you can check the Internet IP - we use the same. The second account I gave was JJayJoker - this is my real friend, I don't know how can I confirm it to you? My friend lives with me in Town - Gliwice. Currently, she is working abroad. I don't know. I can send you our photos from real. DrJoint - my brother got the whole dressed figure from me, along with the equipment. You can ask people on the server and in the clan, I'm not a profit-making man. I play to play and help others in this game. All +0 or +20 items and coins that I sent back for FREE. Guys, I have been playing with you for 8 years, I never had the chance to take money for anything. The people I help are 99% Polish players. Today I gave a few +0 items to the farmer on the soa. Recently I sent a few enchants to a new clan player - he was just starting to play. My accounts are eryk260 - mine
eryk260a - the account I gave to my brother
eryk260ab - mine
erykk260 - mine there I have a farm character
misio250 - this is my brother's first farm account
sklepauu - this is the account on which I post items on the store
eryk260abc - this is the account that I gave to my friend .... I still have access to it but I can't access it anymore because I gave it back. You can check the ip of the computer you are playing from
eryk260aa - this is an account where I only have an archer and tk to check who fights on oly.
trumna11 - this is a Pole's account, he logs in to the game so that the system does not delete the account. Łukasz is in prison and has no access to a computer.
trumna1 - same as above

I don't understand why you thought he was selling something for real money.
Please respond to this email and analyze the matter. I am also asking for feedback.