Hello and sorry to reach you this way, I have been looking on the forum but is a bit complex to browse in, me and a friend of mine play a interlude server and decided to play this one, in the other server we use the cracked adrenaline for auto potions and about 3 days ago, his brother got on his computer to play and forgot to close the adrenaline, he received a pop message upon login saying that he got temporary banned, I asked a few from my clan and they say can be around 3 to 5 days or something, he didnt meant to use the adrenaline at all but he have it in auto startup when the computer turns on, I wanted to know if he lost the account or is something permanent because he likes the server.. The name of the account is "francotitan" , he just forgot to close the adrenaline we have been playing normally since we started..