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Thread: LAGs and Disconnects

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    LAGs and Disconnects

    We are just upset and getting as much information about the problem (anything) as you are. These problems are happening almost every weekend and we only know one thing: is in the Data Center in its routers, network, etc. and it is global, ie, all data center (we have contacts there and we can say that). What we we was doing was waiting, since such a problem of such magnitude can not continue and they simply do nothing about it. When we contact the support we just received useless answers and nothing is resolved. However we are in a kind of dead end, because let's say this is the only Data Center viable for staying at the time (the only one recognized by all, and also the only one in many that we have passed that truly mitigates DDoS attacks - which in case could become a big problem if we move to another). Even we think this may be the problem (everyone hosting in one place and their infrastructure is not supporting).

    What they are asking when we contact them are MTRs (Multitraceroutes) to identify the problem, we have already sent some and nothing so far. If you want to help, please download the WinMTR program and on "host" enter the server IP: then click Start. Leave the program running until a strong LAG or Disconnect happens, after stopping, send us a picture of the program screen.

    Anyway, this is just a clarification message. We will keep complaining and waiting until the problem is resolved, and if it becomes impractical to continue like this, we will take drastic measures, such as move to another Data Center.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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