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Thread: Faris - 10/12/2018

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    Faris - 10/12/2018

    From now on all the Cancellation skills will return the cancelled buffs after a given time (current set up to 20 seconds). ¹ ²

    All skills that have a cancellation effect had their delay and hittime set to retail-like (except Insane Crusher and Seal Divinity, they have +5s delay than the default)

    The minimum and maximum chance of cancelling a buff was increase from 5/30 to 10/45% (this chance is per buff).

    Players receiving Fame inside Peace zone, during PvP Event in Parnassus fixed.

    ¹ The Steal Divinity skill will cancel and return the buffs like the others, but it will stole a buff only if you have available slots. For example, if the skill "steals" 7 buffs, but you have only 4 slots availables, the oponnent you have the 7 buffs cancelled normally, but you'll only get 4 of it. We did this to not harm your buffs set up with useless and other unecessary stolen buffs removing your ones.

    ² This change does not affect olympiads.

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