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Thread: Faris - 11/01/2019

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    Faris - 11/01/2019

    We've added a New system that many may already know. The "dressme system". These are custom suits that can overlay your armor. Changing your appearence to yourself and others without affect anything else.

    You can get those Magic Skins on the NPC Gabrielle Bonheur, located at Luxury Shop in Giran. You need a item called Gabrielle's Service Token to acquire the Skins she sell. You can get this item in two items: on Hector or on the Exilium Store.

    All Skins already come with their Helmets (The helmets we sell on Exilium Store too), but you can choose to disable the Skin Helmet and customize even more your appearance.

    To Enable or Disable your own Magic Skin use the commands .dress and .undress

    We've created a new item called Loyalt Certificate. This item will be used to buy some few special items, like Dragon Claws, new Cloaks and Skins. You can get it by Voting on the server (one per vote) or on the Exilium Store.

    New Cloaks from the Grand Crusade L2 version added. They are available on Hector and Exilium Store for sell.

    New Hair Acessories added. They are available on Exilium Store for sell.

    Geodata BUG where monsters was dissappearing fixed.

    We've changed some of our NPCs Appearance too. They're unique and handmade.

    ATTENTION: Apply a Fast Update with Launcher!

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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