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    Lightbulb Newbie Help System

    As mentined on the last changelog we've created a new system where old players can help new players and get rewarded for this.

    Everybody here problably searched for some server someday on your life. Searching topsites and then openning several servers and trying each one. We can agree that the first minutes that someone enter on the server are crucial. A person can stay or can just leave in few minutes for no reason at all.

    So I believe that any help; contact; information; a friend, that this new player gets in his first minutes can change whether he stays or not.

    This new system aims for giving some suppor to the new players. Specially informations and "human contact". That said, here's how it works:

    1. A New player¹ enters the game

    2. 10 Old players² (that are online) are randomically selected and shown to this new player, so he can choose 3 of these 10 to help him

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    3. These 10 players will receive a message right away, informing that you're among the choosen 10 and the new player's nickname. This is when you can contact him through PM to convince him to choose you. To tell him what kind of help you can offer and so on.

    4. The new player will then choose only 3. The 3 helpers will also receive a message and Email right away, informing that they were chosen.

    5. Now is the "helping process", where the helpers will help the newbie in anyway they agreed. With level, items, information, etc...

    6. When the newbie gets level 85 he will evaluate the help of the three helpers. Giving a score from 0 to 3 to them. After his evaluation, the helpers will receive a reward³ based on the score given by the newbie.

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    ¹ a new character from new computer that have never played here

    ² people that play here for three months or more and have the "Newbie Help" set to Enable in your settings

    ³ Rewards are currently set as following

    Score 0: No rewards
    Score 1: 1 Exilium Magic Box; 1 Event - Medal of Honor
    Score 2: 1 Exilium Magic Box; 1 Event - Medal of Honor; 1 Loyalty Certificate
    Score 3: 1 Exilium Magic Box; 1 Event - Medal of Heroes; 1 Loyalty Certificate

    The system have anti-cheat protections and we'll monitor what's happening. If we spot anyone cheating or trying to cheat the punishment will be permanent account and computers ban. We create these systems to help everyone, this is not meant to be a "farm option" or to be cheated.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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