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Thread: Faris - 02/02/2019

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    Faris - 02/02/2019

    All Geodata Files replaced.

    It will problably be the same thing on most places, but we know for sure that on Olympiad arenas are better because we've tested and edited some things manually.

    Most Heal type skills was healing twice the HP and everyone problably know that. This was not correct and we've fixed it, which means that the second healing (the smaller one showed just after the bigger one) was removed.

    This fix caused Battle Heal, Self Heal and Heal skills to loose some power too. They will heal less. Skill "Maximum Ability" added to Lindvior Rapier.

    Achievement Master of the Arena lv. 2 and lv. 3 reduced to 150 and 350 Points needed, respectively.

    Water Crystals was missing on SOA droplist. They have been added now.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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