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Thread: Faris - 08/02/2019

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    Faris - 08/02/2019

    7 New Magic Skins added. Check them out on the NPC Gabrielle Bonheur (Giran Luxury Shop)

    6 New Cloaks added. 5 have been added on Grand Olympiad Manager, 1 to the Grand Crusade Cloak set on NPC Hector.

    There's also new Hair acessories and Helmets from the new Skins set available on the Exilium Store. The new Cloaks too.

    Wings of Destiny Circlet will now give the Heroes a small bonus of +4 Run Speed and +15% Weight Limit.

    Some minor fixes on the Geodata of the Olympiad Arenas

    Survivor Event issue where was teleporting people back to town fixed.

    Black Talisman - Free Speech fixed

    Attention: Launcher Update is necessary in order to be able to view the new itens (and avoiding Critical Errors)

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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