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Thread: Client - 19/02/2018

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    Client - 19/02/2018

    All Soulshots animations replaced from the default effects to a "cloud of blood" effect. Basically it goes like this: No SS: little blood. With SS: Lot's of Blood.

    Secondary animations of the skills Greater Heal, Greater Battle Heal, Greater Group Heal, Major Group Heal and Mass Vitalize replaced from the default effect to the lower level healings effect.

    Animations and sounds of the Activation of Fighter's Will, Protections of Rune, Elemental, Alignment and Seeds levels removed.

    Talismans Icons replaced from the default icons to a more elaborated icons that some players already like to use.


    Soulshots animation are a big cloud of colored dust that almost engolfes the entire target. Now, imagine that with a high attack speed, combined with a large number of targets or in a mass PvP, someone being targeted by a large number of players. Turns out you can't see nothing. You only see a big ball of lightning effects swallowing the target(s). This "hurt" your eyes, doesn't allow you to see properly what's going on and also, decrease your FPS/causes LAG.

    We can say basically the same thing about those high level healings, specially the Party healings. It's a lightning show that also swallows the entire target when casted one after another.

    We can also say the same thing about the Physical Pose, Protection Power and Seeds. These are triggered basically all the time. It doesn't even make sense that much triggering of the same effect on everyone. It's not necessary at all. You already know that they are being triggered all the time, so no need for that huge effect on everybody all the time.

    In other words the Mass PvPs become a lightning show of the same three effects causing lag and not allowing players to see what's going on.

    Those changes aims for a more visible and smooth Game. I believe almost everyone plays the game with the "second animation" disabled on the Settings tab. Now, you have the opportunity to try these new configurations.

    It's a Test. I want a Feedback from you guys of what you think about these changes.

    PS: A Fast Update with our Launcher must be applied!

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