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Thread: Faris - 26/02/2019

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    Faris - 26/02/2019

    We've updated our server Network core (MMOCore) using a more recent and improved algorithms (from the "new rev"). This will result (we hope) in a much better performance in general (No LAG in Mass PvPs/Sieges, etc).

    We've fixed a malfunction on all Magic damage skills that is followed by any effect (E.g: Vortexes, Gloom, Vampiric Mist, Ice Dagger, Blizzard, Inferno, etc, etc.). In other words, they should land normally now.

    Buff Steal will now steal buffs already with only 40s (and then return to the owner with their original time). To avoid people from bugging the buff timing.

    "To War" Teleport button option fixed. It was not functioning properly. And now, when using this option to go to the War Zones, you'll get a 10s invulnerability that will be removed when attacking or using any skill, but not by walking around.

    The "Inventory LAG" should not happen anymore, in any scale.

    That doesn't mean it's a good a idea to play with the inventory openned. When you open the inventory and then perform some specific actions, much more information is required/sent to you, that still can cause issues, like even disconnect you from "flooding".

    A limit of 150 Private Stores per town was added. If a city is already full, then try to open you PS in another city. The Private Stores will be always restored after the restart.

    The base status limits have been reworked

    Critical rate: 800
    P. Atk. Speed: 2000
    Casting Speed: 2200
    Critical rate: 700
    P. Atk. Speed: 1550
    Casting Speed: 2000
    All* Mana Damage over time and HP Damage over time skills (Bleeds, Poisons, "Flames", etc.) got its damage formula calculation reworked to the following:

    Inside Olympiads
    Mana Damage: ¯(Skill power² * 2)
    HP Damage: ¯(Skill power² * 2)
    Outside Olympiads
    Mana Damage: √¯(Skill power² * 2) + 35
    HP Damage: ¯(Skill power² * 2) + 45
    *Toqqle and monsters skills will not be affected by this new formula

    Min. and Max Debuff chances altered. From 10% and 90% to 9% and 75% respectivelly.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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