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Thread: Anniversary month of the L2 Exilium

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    Anniversary month of the L2 Exilium

    This month the L2 Exilium completes two years online, and to celebrate we will have some promotions and benefits the whole month.

    Day 1 to Day 30: Promotion Bring your clan to L2 Exilium

    Day 23 to Day 29 (Week of the anniversary): Double EXP during all the week (EXP 200x)

    Day 25 (Birthday of the L2 Exilium): Double EXP (200x), Adena (600x), Drops (2x) and Donations reward (2x) during all day (25 6AM to 26 6AM)! And also we will have a special party.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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    Este mês, o L2 Exilium completa dois anos online, e para comemorar teremos algumas promoções e benefícios durante o mês todo.

    Dia 1 ao dia 30: Promoção Traga o seu clã para L2 Exilium

    Dia 23 ao dia 29 (semana do aniversário): Dobro de XP durante toda a semana (EXP 200x)

    Dia 25 (Aniversário do L2 Exilium): XP Dobrado (200x), Adena (600x), Drops (2x) e recompensas de Doação (2x) durante todo o dia (Das 06:00 do dia 25 às 06:00 do dia 26)! E também teremos uma festa especial.

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