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    Lightbulb [TUTORIAL] Newbie Leveling Guide

    Welcome, welcome, Newbies!!

    Im new here myself but here's a Detailed guide on how you can go about getting levels for your Character with little to no help.

    If you're already an old player in this server, you might as well direct newbies to the forums and have them check this guide ^_^

    Things to Remember :

    A) Always pick up Vitality Replenishing Herb when it drops from mobs. Vitality is key to leveling up because it gives you Exp Bonus. All
    other herbs are not needed.

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    B) Keep your Ancient Adena (AA)! You'll need them for higher grade items!

    C) Try to last hit your mobs with "over-hit" skills (you can check wich skill has over-hit on skill description). Doing a over-hit to kill the mobs you will receive a extra XP bônus.

    D) You'll be Teleporting to Kamael Village to avoid lags, especially if you do not have an excellent internet service.

    E) Make sure you already viewed the server features. You can find that ingame on Community board (pressing Alt+B) or in L2Exilium page. Information is your Friend!! :

    Let's hop right in!

    So, After you create your account through and fully patch your l2client using the updater, go ahead log in to create your


    Bear in mind that you have about 15 to 20 seconds to create your character as you will be booted (kicked) out of the log in server afterwards. It sucks but let's just deal with it for now.
    So know what race you are going to play and what name you are going to use before even logging in.

    After you create your character, you'll be on the starting Area of whichever race's town you chose. And you'll have Gremlins to kill.

    On every starting area you will find a NPC called "Newbie Guide" where u can get initial buffs that will help you until you reach lvl 40.

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    Get your buffs and kill the Gremlins until you get to Level 8-10. Afterwards, use your Kamael Village Scroll of escape to get out of the newbie area.

    Then go get your Shots! How? Find the grocery store and talk to Ormus.
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    Buy 200 Blessed Spirit Shots (No Grade) if you're a mage class
    Buy 200 soul Shots (No Grade) if you're a fighter class

    Don't buy armor or weapons yet. You wont need them. Equip every Jewelries you loot that are applicable to your Grade.

    Next step, go to the gatekeeper (Ragara) and then Teleport to Stronghold III.
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    Kill some Muertos Fighter/Captain and Colossus to get to lvl 20.

    After lvl 20, will appear a exclamation mark on the left corner of your window, click on it and choose your new profession (Dark Wizard in that case).

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    Than use the Kamael Village Scroll of Escape again.

    >Go back to Ormus (Grocery Store). Sell every no grade items you have EXCEPT your armor.
    Buy 300 Blessed Spirit Shots (D Grade), if you're a mage class
    Buy 300 soul Shots (D Grade), if you're a fighter class

    >Go to the Weapons and Armor Shop.
    Do not buy armors yet, your no grade armor will still work wonders.
    Buy your D grade weapon from
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    Next step, go to the Mystra and then Teleport to Breka Stronghold.
    Path: Gatekeeper Call> Giran Castle Town> Teleport> Breka's Stronghold
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    Okay, now go crazy on any Breka and Amber Basilisk mob you see until you get lvl 35. Then, go use your Kamael Scroll of Escape again.

    >Go back to Ormus (Grocery Store).
    Buy 3000 Blessed Spirit Shots (C Grade), if you're a mage class
    Buy 3000 soul Shots (C Grade), if you're a fighter class

    >Go to the Weapons and Armor Shop.
    Buy your C Grade Armor from Fara.
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    Buy your C Grade weapon from Tiberius. Make sure to add Special ability to your weapon. it's for free!!

    Note : You will not be using your C grade equipment until lvl 40.

    Next step, go to the Mystra and then Teleport to Hardin's Private Academy.
    Path: Gatekeeper Call> Giran Castle Town> Teleport> Hardin's Private Academy

    When you arrive, turn your back from Hardin's Private academy and run until you see Windsus, Grandis, and Fettered Souls. These are the

    mobs that will take you to lvl 40.

    After lvl 40, a new exclamation mark will appear. Click on it and select your next profession.

    Go back to Kamael Village run near the Gatekeeper and check for Horadrim.
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    Now you are lvl 40, so, get your new buffs. Usually, the Default Button would work great for anybody but if you wanna go faster and harder, remove 1 song/dance (dance of alignment for mage, Song of revenge for fighters) and then

    buff Dance of berserker!
    Dances > Dance of berserker

    If you want to save some money(adena), since clicking on Default Button can be expensive for a newbie, buff manually, so you will pay less than 1/5.

    This should be enough for a mage.
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    This should be enough for a fighter.
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    Then go Mystra. Port to Fields of Massacre.
    Path: Gatekeeper Call> Aden Castle Town> Teleport> Fields of Massacre

    Here, make sure that you are wearing your C grade gears. (completely skip B grades)
    Find the Skeleton Archers and Doom Scouts. They'll take you to lvl 48.
    Then you can go the other way to find Dismal Poles, Kadios, Doom Servants, Doom Knights. These will get you to lvl 65.

    Now. From Here on out, it's pretty much your choice on how you would like to go about getting yourself to max.
    You can now be power-leveled to 85 if you have friends who are already maxed.
    Or you can go party with other players.
    OR you can go solo.

    Now here's some of the areas where you can go solo :

    Lvl 65 to 70 (buy A grade Gears) :
    Goddard > HotSprings

    -------------- For Mage --------------

    Lvl 70 to 73 :
    Goddard > Ketra Orc Outpost or Varka Silenos Outpost

    Lvl 73 to 80 :

    Primeval is a good spot farm for mages, since it has a good adena drop and a good chance to drop S-Grage items, so you be able to equip yourself and make money selling them.

    Before teleport yourself, go back to Ormus (Grocery Store). Sell every item that you wont need and than buy 1k-2k Spirit Ores(needed item to use the skill Aura Flash) and Blessed Spirit Shot.

    - You should have ate least a full A grade set (weapon, armor, jewels).
    - Sometimes there are some players selling Spirit Ores next Grocery Store. Buy from them to save some money.

    Then go Mystra. Port to Primeval Isle.
    Runne Village > Primeval Isle

    You need to be carreful to farm here on lvl 73-76, otherwise you will die if you lure alot of mobs or lost your target. But with practice you can handle it.

    What you need to do is:
    - target yourself.
    - run next a mob group.
    - spam your skills Battle Heal and Aura Flash.

    - You should not have any problem with mana, because PI mobs drop alot of mana and vitality herbs. So, make sure to take every herb you want.
    - When you reach lvl 76, dont forget to activate the skill Arcane Power it will help you to do the job. If you didnt drop your S-Grade weapon (Arcana Mace) yet, you can return to city to buy one.
    - Keep your eyes on your Spirit Ores, if it ends, you will probably die.

    When you reach lvl 80 use escape and sell all unwanted items. At this point i was with Dark Crystal set, full S-grade jewels, 140k Ancient Adena and 1kkk Adena.

    -------------- For fighters --------------
    Lvl 70 to 78 :
    Goddard > Ketra Orc Outpost or Varka Silenos Outpost

    Lvl 78 to 80 (buy S grade or Dynasty Gears) :
    Outside Dragon Valley Caves | High Level Hunting Grounds > Dragon Valley Cave


    Lvl 80 to 85:

    To lvl 80-85 you can farm on:
    Primeval Isle
    Monastery of Silence
    Dragon Valley Caves

    If you are a mage i recommend you to keep farm on Primeval Isle until lvl 84. When you reach lvl 84 you should have enough money to buy a Elegia Set (S-84 grade) and a Freya weapon on private stores.

    With this gear you be able to farm inside Dragon Valley Cave. That you will have a chance to drop an item called "Large Dragon Bone". At the time of this tutorial, you can sell this item for 20kkk. So, selling it you will be able to buy enchanted/elemented gears.

    - Have in mind that this is an old server, so, on most cases, buying your item from Players Private Store is much cheaper than buying it on NPC Morgomir. So, farming adena is a good deal.

    Great! Now you're all set to farm. Go make friends as well, it never hurts to have a buddy help you when you're in trouble.

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    Woah, it seems like a lot of hard work went into this . Good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kei View Post
    Woah, it seems like a lot of hard work went into this . Good job!
    i agree with Kei! Its clear and its straight to the point, it's really best suited for those who are starting on this server! 5 stars for you my friend =)
    I'm Hoping you would continue this guide with some tips and tricks in farming i would really look forward to it.
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    awesome guide

    I find this guide awesome, it helped me a LOT.. the mods are lucky to have this on the forum as it well help a lot of new players out there..

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    Good job , nice guide

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    Guide is ok , but dont buy until a grade for newbies u can use drops item and just buy ss and bss , cya

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    they can't even read in English

    Well, sry about that, but i'm brazilian and i can read, speak and write in English =)

    Nice turorial.

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    and is 20 minutes with power-lvl to make 85, I train with necro 10 groups in SoA, and here you go ;p

    Agree that you lvl up in 20 min with help, BUT the first frase says "With little to no help". This tutorial was made for those who start here alone, not with friends or clan =)

    Fejuda, I'm not sure, I played in this server 1 month, and I met like 3-4 Brazilians who speak English in communicative way, other cannot even say single word!

    Most of them dont speak BUT, some of us do

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