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    Referral program

    It is with pleasure that we are bringing the referral program back online!

    Refer your friends to the Exilium World and earn lots of Exilium Coins!

    You will receive 5 Exilium Coins for each account with your reference when the first character of that account reaches level 85.

    At the time of the account creation, just ask that your nickname is properly inserted in the "Referred by" field. After that you just need wait!

    Of course there are some restrictions and prerequisites:


    Must be level 85;
    Must be Noblesse;
    Must have at least 6 hours of gameplay .

    The account with YOUR REFERERENCE

    Your first login in the server must be from a new computer, a computer that has never logged on Exilium World before (NEVER, with any account);
    The other logins must be from the same computer until the first character of the account reaches level 85.

    As soon as the first character of the account with your reference reach level 85, you will receive an email in-game containing your reward.

    Characters created in accounts that were refered begin with extras itens (Mystra 's Spellbook and Adena bonus for now).

    Search our Website and Forum before post.

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