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Exceptions to Rule 10 = Chat ban in PM cases

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  • Exceptions to Rule 10 = Chat ban in PM cases

    There are a lot of e-mail reports of offenses said in PM. I remind you that rule 10 does not expressly provide for the punishment of offenses this cases.

    RULE 10:

    10. It is forbidden to offend other players with profanity, derogatory and offensive names, pornographic, racist and other offenses in the Global Chat (Shout, Trade and Hero Voice) and any other means of communication provided by Exilium World.

    In the other chats use the command /block to not see messages from unwanted characters.

    Use the Hero Chat with wisdom, because it involves reading of the entire server. Avoid unnecessary punishments.

    It is also forbidden to use any game chat to incite (to flame) or manipulate the server players against the Exilium World Administration.
    The /block command is not for decoration. You must use it. If the player says something extreme and offensive like racism, homophobia or misogyny in private message they MAY be punished, but this will be analyzed on a case by case basis with no guarantee that they will be penalized. For example: I know that racism is a crime, but many do not understand the difference between racism and racial slur. I'm not saying that racism should go unpunished, I'm saying that sometimes it's a racial insult that is a little lighter than racism itself.
    Important: Talking about weight, height or anything like that is not punishable if said in private chat.

    The greatest punishment for those who offend you is to lose the ability to talk to you. I see it this way. This may change in the future, I don't make the rules, I just execute them. Understand that these cases will be analyzed in a complementary way because the game offers personal punishment in your hands (/block).