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[TUTORIAL] Newbie Leveling Guide

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    Originally posted by Skeeto View Post
    No offense, but is it sense of doing things like this, in high rate server? where 1-85 takes 20 minutes? I guess all noobs can use Alt+M, open World Info. then search for Hunting Areas. The other thing, only brazilians don't know where to exp on high rates, and ask where to exp every single level, additional to this, they can't even read in English
    Please stop making illogical posts. All you ever do is to show off, I'm getting so annoyed by your very unhelpful posts.

    other than that, this guide is perfect for this server especially for new players who dont have any friend who can lure 10 groups of mobs, and are new to linage 2 in general


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      And who speak about friends here? I joined the server, I made all in 2 days (ALONE), got 2 hero in first month, and left it. I don't need any friend for level up me on pvp server, for god sake
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        skeeto, dont call off the help players try to give here man. because u are used to play retail like gameplay ,,, not everyone knows the tricks to get the right buffs, how to start of the easy way, buy SS, buff , press alt+m go hunting areas and within 5 days you are 85 (when u have a life you dont play many hours behind another i think) I like this turorial for newbies.