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    My char has been banned already long time ago for a reason that blow my mind (buying adena from this sellers that spam in game).

    1- I've never gave money to them, i've even reported them.
    2- Fine, they banned me and I wanted to show me the proves that are showing exactly that I buyed, wanted to buy adena or w/e from this sellers. Nothing has been sended to me.
    3- They showed me a way to unban my char, which is: Case 1 - If you had a banned account you can convert the BAN into JAIL if you denounce someone who is trading for real money on the server". I did all the steps for reporting a char (making screen shots of him in game, offering his char for euros, i even screen shot a conversation with him in facebook and i send everything to support) and nothing till now. It's been already almost 1 month, since i reported the player.

    Consider please taking some actions about my case.

    Best regards!

    (For the haters, don't take your time, i will not respond to your bullshiets)