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    Hello to all,

    Be patient please with my english, but i think all will understand me.

    Lot of us play here more than 3-4 years and have seen many changes to the worse gaming experience.

    I play here 4 years with 1 year break.

    Let's start my tips to MAKE SERVER GREAT AGAIN.

    1. Vote system works bad. Everytime i need vote 4 times on , to get reward.
    2. Vote rewards are expensive. 11000 gold bars ( 11 bilion ) for 3 gcm's when they cost 5bilion each. It makes no sense vote everyday => sorry i don't saw last changelog before.
    3. I'm really missing old farming zones and im sad for it.
    - Primeval Isle = Life stones
    - Seed Of Anihilation = AAEC / AWEC
    -Dragon Valley Cave = higher drop of GC / GCM
    -Make some new farm zone for crytals / stones ( only if SOA again drop AAEC / AWEC )
    4. Make balance chars, Exilium is only about HK, dagger, archer, kamael.
    5. Donate system is expensive and Skrill is really sux, make it possible to pay via Paypall

    All related with low population on server. New players can't farm simply full gear, cuz points mentioned above.

    I want old times back, when was 3k ppl online, lot's of fun in farm zones, 24/7 pvp everywhere and can make good gear from farm, not from expensive donate.

    Let me know guys who have the same opinion.

    Simple mathematics more new ppl = more fun for us and more money for server from donate.
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    1 - Some websites don't have API so we can know for sure the vote was there or not, that's why the verification is not correct. We can't do much about it.

    2 - Vote rewards are the ones insite the Exilium Magic Box, we put the ones on the NPC to resolve the inflation problem on the server. But turns out players really like it and we decided to leave it there. The prices will be adjusted from time to time.

    3 - SOA with AAEC / AWEC was great, for players. But you must keep in mind that we need money to maintain the server. With that SOA players was able to make 2 chars full per week. That's unpraticable. The PI was removed because there was too many empty farming zones (player's words)

    5 - The server have 7 years and we never made any increase on the EC coins prices. R$1,00 7 years ago worth much more than today.

    PayPal blocked several accounts from us (and make us lost lots of money), and from other servers too, they just don't accept any game servers any more.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.


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      Originally posted by Licozo View Post

      With that SOA players was able to make 2 chars full per week. That's unpraticable.
      . [/COLOR]
      Talking about unpracticable... what you guys gonna do with all those bots farming afk ? ive reported a lot, and they got kicked the shit out of the server, but i dont really thing they gonna be punished.
      Do they go to jail or get any ban?
      Or should i stop spending my active time farming and let the char botting, you know... if i got kicked out i just log in again and start botting once again

      Edit: same guy that was botting is now playing, he already got kicked by the server because my report button
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