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Farmer Dreadnought tutorial guide [great damage]

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  • EN Farmer Dreadnought tutorial guide [great damage]

    Hi everyone.
    I made this tutorial guide for making a good farmer Dreadnought character based on my experience using it on Exilium server. You can freely follow this guide or not, it depends on your preferences but I think some people might need this for having a better farm experience in the server

    Here's the guide, let's start:

    Lineage 2
    Dreadnought Farmer guide (great damage and critical)

    1- First of all you have to make your character for farm (there are actually four best classes for better farming on L2 Exilium, what are these: Soulhound, Khavatari, Storm Screamer, Dreadnought), but here let's go with Dreadnought. Make a human warrior and lvl up until 40, once reached this it will let you to choose between two classes: gladiator or warlord. Go with warlord and keep lvling up until 65 or 70 (reached this level you can go Seed of Anihilation or DVC and ask for help lvl up until 85)

    2- Once done this, let's look for the best subclass skills for a farmer Dreadnought. Here you are free to choose the ones you prefer but I recommend those:
    Master ability - Might (p. attack)
    Master ability - critical rate
    Summoner ability - Counter spirit
    You may find these ones a little weird but they will allow you to deal great damage to monsters on Seed of Anihilation. (first of all you need to do the More Meets than Eye quest in Hardin's Academy, otherwise it won't let you to add subclasses to your character)

    3- Let's go now with the armors and equipment stuff. Most of people prefers using Heavy armors in their Dreadnoughts but I recommend more using a Elegia Light armor because that armor gives more critical damage and attack speed (good thing for a Dreadnought). Cloak goes by preference. The weapon will be the +20 Demitelium with a Haste SA and a passive Might augment (Choose the normal Might, not the PVP Might. If you can afford it, this augment costs 30 exilium coins at the Augment NPC at Giran Exilium shop). Second thing now let's see what jewels are best for a farmer Dreadnought, you need these ones:

    Valakas, Antharas, Blessed Zaken, Queen ant, Baium

    You can add extra things that helps a bit more, like a bracelet with talismans, I recommend more the yellow talismans: Might, Critical chance, and two talismans of movement speed for quickly reaching your spots in SOA)

    5- and finally, I will show you what are the best buffs and skills setting for having better farm experience (click on the images to zoom in)

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Okay, thats all. Have luck and fun !
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    Actually full farming

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      gift of queen instead of blessing ? lolwtf


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        Master Critical Rate?
        Haste its better. Trust me.

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          Death whisper scroll dont work when you buffed improved Critical Attack.


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            great one thanks!!