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Audience with the Land Dragon [Atharas Quest]

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  • EN Audience with the Land Dragon [Atharas Quest]

    Minimum Level:50
    Start Location:Town of Giran
    Start NPC:Gabrielle
    Rewards:Portal Stone to meet Antharas

    1] This quest starts with Gabrielle in the Town of Giran. She gives you the history of how Antharas is kept sealed and sends you to visit several other people, all of who will have tasks for you.

    2] You can do these in any order but I tried not to do a lot of porting. In Hunters Village Prefect Chakiris is in the Orc Guild

    He asks you to kill Kranrot and Hamrut in Forsaken Plains.

    3]In Ivory Tower on the Dark Elf floor speak to Magister Kaiena

    She asks you to kill Marsh Stalkers and Marsh Drakes.

    4]In the Town of Aden, in the Einhasad Temple, High Priest Orven

    He asks you to kill Blood Queens which will then spawn Remains of the Sacrificed.

    Also in Aden talk to Master Kendra in the Warrior Guild

    She asks you to hunt Harit Lizardmen Warriors and Shamans.

    Killing the Warriors and Shamans will spawn Quest Monsters called Harit Lizardman Zealots, about 4 of them.

    Dont forget to visit all the NPCs again to earn the Mark of Watchman from each.

    6]Back in Giran with Gabrielle she tells you to visit Warehouse Chief Moke in Gludin Village and Blacksmith Helton in the Town of Oren.

    The Abyssal Jewel can be found a short run from the Sea of Spores port from Oren

    Then go back to Helton to get your Mark of Watchman

    7]In Gludin in the Warehouse, Warehouse Chief
    Moke sends you on an identical task to find Abyssal Jewel 1. He says it's on the Northwest shore of Gludio but that is not correct. It's actually north of Gludin, not far off the Windy Hill port.

    Then return to Moke for another Mark of Watchman.

    Back to Giran and Gabrielle she sends you to Land Dragon Watcher Gilmore, who is right at the Dragon Valley port in

    Both are found in the same area around Antharas' cave, keep killing them until you see the Jewel spawn

    9] Then find Antharas Watchman Theodric who is at the mouth of the cave, which is also the port in sport for Antharas Lair from Giran, and he gives you the Portal Stone.

    You will need this to port into Antharas lair through the Heart of Warding... Good Luck in Raid Hunting