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Last Imperial Prince [Frintezza Quest]

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  • EN Last Imperial Prince [Frintezza Quest]

    Note: Unlike other raid quests, the quest for tezza is only needed for the command channel leader that will talk to the npc to enter the raid.

    To enter Frintezza u need to complete 3 quests.
    A. Four Goblets
    To do this quest u will need to enter to the 4 Sepulchers room in the very end of the Imperial Tomb.To enter the 4 Sepulchers Each party member also needs to have a pass in his inventory. These passes drop randomly when you have the Relic quest obtainable from the Ghost NPC that can be found at the entrance of Imperial Tomb. So before porting to 4 sepulchers via Nobless Teleport from Goddard go to Imperial Tomb and find the Ghost in the 2nd room that gives the Relic quest.

    To get the 4 sepulchers pass take quest and kill some mobs as u move down, the passes drop randomly
    1] To start the quest Four Goblets talk to the Nameless Spirit.

    He ask u to bring 4 goblets for the 4 mini raids inside the 4 Sepulchers rooms that are around him down the halls.Each room is different so mind the names of the gatekeeper u talk before u enter so u dont enter the same room twice by mistake.

    Each Goblet drop from each of the 4 rooms. To enter the rooms u need a party of at least 4 ppl and each of the party members must have the sepulchers pass. so each member that enters the rooms should have the Four Goblets quest and the Relic quest from the Ghost in the entrance
    This is the mini raid inside each of the 4 rooms.

    4 Sepulchers consist of 6 rooms where the last room is the Raid Boss room. The Gatekeeper allows parties that consist of 4 or more people to enter once every full RL hour.a box appears in the middle of the room that spawns mobs when you click on it.Each room has two doors, the one you enter the room and the one leading to the other room. The door leading to the other room has a statue Gatekeeper next to it. The party leader can talk to this NPC after collecting the key from the key box which will open the door to the next room. The door stays open for a couple of seconds so make sure everybody is unrooted, unlagged etc before you open the door to prevent party members getting stuck in the previous room.if u get stuck in the previous room there is no way to meet with ur party again so take care.

    2]After u get the 4 goblets return to the Nameless Spirit who will exchange them for an Antique Brooch.

    B. Last Imperial Prince
    1] Talk to Nameless Spirit at the Four Sepulchers noble port spot, he sends you to meet Nurse Devorin to learn a song he heard in childhood.

    2] Devorin is in Rune second floor temple.

    Learn the song and return to Nameless Spirit.

    C. Journey To Settlement
    1]Talk to Nameless Spirit at the Four Sepulchers noble port spot, he tells you about a magic scroll that can remove the force field that was created by his double. He tells you that he needs a special parchment for creating the scroll.

    2] So he sends you to Wall of Argos to kill Canyon Antelopes and Canyon Antelope Slaves to get their skin.

    3] Once you have the skin, return to Nameless Spirit for the reward – Frintezza’s Magic Force Field Removal Scroll.