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Faris - 21/05/2020

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  • Faris - 21/05/2020

    The same we we did last year on Spectral Dancers and Sword Muse, we've made some upgrades on Doomcryer in a attempt to make it more useful and playable as normal class as well.

    The Enchanting route COST of the chants listed below have been changed. Now, if you enchant these chants to COST they will become Self-buffs (will work only on you), but will give you some extra bonus. In other words, by the "cost" of not being used on all party members, they will have enhanced status.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	doomcryer.png Views:	2 Size:	68.9 KB ID:	149418

    We also have improved the skills: Freezing Flame (Chance), Aura Sink (Chance) and Chant of Life (Casting time). And to finish, a little resistance was added to the class as well (+5% on all resists). This extra resistance will not be valid inside olympiads.

    PS: Correct skills description only available on H5 client for now.

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