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Faris - 14/08/2020

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  • Faris - 14/08/2020

    Interface update (Download Link)

    Now you will be able to clear game cache every time that you want, not only every 10min. Also was added some custom shortcuts to remove hide effects/fog.

    - Hide all effects: left Ctrl + End
    - Clear cache: left Ctrl + Insert
    - Increase character rendering range / NPC: left Ctrl + pageUP
    - Decrease character rendering range / npc: left Ctrl + pageDown
    - Hide fog: left Ctrl + F

    Added to that, we modified the system folder to allow people to log in with a clean interface.

    In other words, the player will use the "system-e" folder to play in the new interface and the "System" folder to play in the lineage 2 default/retail interface.


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    Interface update (Download Link)

    Agora será possivel limpar o cache do jogo sempre que você achar necessário e não apenas a cada 10min. Também adicionamos alguns shortcuts custom para remover effeitos e FOG.

    - Remover todos os efeitos: left Ctrl + End
    - Limpar cache: left Ctrl + Insert
    - Incrementar o range de render de pessonagem/NPC: left Ctrl + pageUP
    - Decrementar o range de render de pessonagem/NPC: left Ctrl + pageDown
    - Remover a FOG: left Ctrl + F

    Adicionalmente a isso, modificamos a pasta system para permitir que os players a utilizem e consigam jogar com uma interface limpa.

    Ou seja, o player poderá usar a pasta "system-e" para jogar com a nova interface e usar a pasta "System" para jogar com a interface default/retail do Lineage 2.