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Faris - 27/04/2021

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  • Faris - 27/04/2021

    Our new Smart Animation system proved to be very effective in reducing LAGs, so we were able to observe some points and already make important improvements to it.

    The checks to use the Seal of Ruler skill has been redone for all castles. Aden's Crystal BUG fixed. It will only be possible to use the Seal of Ruler skill at the top of the catwalk to summon the castle.

    The Disconnects problem we had during Siege was caused by a anti-flood configuration on the server, where it cuts off the player's connection if it identifies a "flood". As there was a very large number of players in the same location, this setting was being triggered incorrectly. We have already raised the threshold for it not to happen again.

    Maximum Debuff chance inside Olympiads will now be 40%. The normal limit (valid for all other occasions) is still the same: 70%

    A new Premium Feature have been added: Extra Scheme slots. Premium members will now have up to 7 Scheme slots on the NPC Buffer.

    Two new skills from higher chronicles were added to the Doomcryer. Both learned at level 83.

    Petrify and Celestial Aegis

    Petrifies the target for 15 seconds.

    Makes all party members invincible for 30 sec. Effect is removed upon attack. The skill cooldown is fixed.
    Skill Freezing Flame have been modified. New status: Strikes the target and neaby enemies with magical cold flames. For 15 seconds, reduces P. and M.Def. by 10%. Consumes HP overtime.

    Skill Bluff fixed. We have a few different effects in it (turning the back, removing the target and stun). They were working together at one chance and that's not the corret. Now, first will come the bluff chance, if it works, then it will come the stun chance.

    Skill Symbol of Noise will now act faster. Cancel duration increased from 20 to 40s. A debuff icon have been added to facilitate the view of who's under its effect.

    Critical chance added to the skills Deadly Blow and Critical Blow

    Skill Dance of Mudusa damage overtime increased.

    Sacredium And Constrito Hammer visual bugs fixed.

    Inside Olympiads Adjustments

    -10% PvP Physical Damage
    -5% PvP Defense
    -5% Reflect Damage
    +5% on all resistances (nerf removed)

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