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Faris - 29/04/2021

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  • Faris - 29/04/2021

    Hittime formula fixed so skills animations don't disappear when the Casting Speed is too high.

    From now on it will not be allowed for a Clan to use the same Crest that's already being used by at least three other Clans. In the same way it will not be allowed for an Alliance to use the same Crest that's already being used by another Alliance.

    This is a Game configuration, which means the game itself will not allow you to upload a crest that's being used accordingly with the conditions above.

    But this is also a new RULE. If someone manages to cheat the system and use the same flag anyway, the Clan will be subject to punishments.

    Rule details

    ■ Up to three Clans (in the same Ally) can have the same flag.

    ■ Each Ally must have its own flag.

    ■ Even if the flag indicates some kind of partnership, it must be clear to those who see it, that it is another Clan or another Ally. Example: Same flags, but in very different colors can be used by different clans and allys.

    ■ Modifications to the flag that are not visually significant (altering a small piece of the flag to deceive the system and at the same time look like the same flag) will not be allowed. Any Clan that tries to do this may suffer punishments, such as the removal of the flag and the prohibition of setting new flags for a certain time.

    All Clan and Ally crests have been reseted. Please upload your crests again.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.