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Faris - 18/05/2021

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  • Faris - 18/05/2021

    Chain Heal fixed. It's working now accordingly to the skill description and retail-like.

    Officially, many skills have target limits. Therefore, we have also implemented this limitation on our server, following the most current versions of L2J. In short: All skills in the area will now have a maximum target limit, for example:

    Over debuffs: Maximum of 10 targets
    Warlord stuns: Maximum of between 6 and 12 targets
    Over healings: Maximum of 50 targets

    These are just examples, since more than 200 skills have these limitations, but usually with similar numbers.

    In order to increase performance in large pvps, two new commands were implemented: .klclear (Knownlist Clear) and .klturbo (Knownlist Turbo)

    .klclear will erase all objects in your Knownlist and rebuild them. This might get you rid of unwanted players that are far away and doesn't matter anymore.

    .klturbo will clear your knownlist but will also put it in a "Turbo mode" for one hour. Only players that are relevant to you will be shown. This command can be used in more extreme situations to decrease lag. Use the command .klturbostop to disable turbo mode at any time.

    Both commands are in BETA TEST

    Improvements were made to the Smart Animation system

    Search our Website and Forum before post.