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Faris - 13/06/2021

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  • Faris - 13/06/2021

    New Dragon Weapons have been added: Valakas Fighter, Valakas Retributer, Valakas Rapier, Valakas Stormer, Antharas Retributer and Antharas Rapier.

    These weapons are custom (they do not exist on the official) that means we have a few issues. All weapon levels will have the same glow (the lvl 3 glow) and they have not been added to the Fafurion client yet.

    Reflect Damage formula have been reworked. From now on, the more damage someone gives, the lower the reflected damage will be. As the attack increases in damage, the percentage of damage reflected is reduced.

    There is a complex formula, but see below a few examples:

    A damage of 200 will reduce 7% of the Percentage of Reflect
    A damage of 1000 will reduce 15.8% of the Percentage of Reflect
    A damage of 5000 will reduce 35.3% of the Percentage of Reflect

    Note that it will reduce a percentage of the reflected percentage, and not subtract this percentage from the reflect percentage

    Added system message informing the absorbed damage (Vampiric) just after the Reflected damage

    Subtract one from the other and you'll have the real reflected or absorbed damage.

    Hawk and Rabbit spirit Totems reworked. New status are set up as follows:

    Hawk Spirit Totem
    Increases Accuracy by 12, Critical Rate by 100, Critical Damage by 30%, Skills Damage by 40% and PVP Physical Damage by 15%.

    Rabbit Spirit Totem
    Increases one's own Atk. Spd. by 30%, Speed by 30%, Evasion by 17, chance to evade Physical Skills and chance to resist Magical skills by 15%

    Classes Adjustments

    +20 Base HP Regen
    Grand Khavathari
    +20 Base HP Regen

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