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Faris - 10/10/2021

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  • Faris - 10/10/2021

    Skills Silence, Curse of Doom, Seal of Silence and Voice Bind had their duration time changed to 30 seconds (up to 60 seconds if enchanted on time route)

    Skill Seven Arrow reworked: Shoots 7 armor piercing arrows that each deals damage equals to 5% of the maximum opponent's HP with a certain chance based on their defense power. (It will cause up to 35% of the opponnent's maximum HP as damage)

    Skill Rapid Fire reworked: For 2 hours, increases P. Atk. by 62 and Atk. Spd. by 20%. Decreases range by 10%. Requires a bow. (Range nerf reduced from 50 to 10%)

    Skill Hawk Eye reworked: Increases Accuracy by 10 and Bow attack range by 100 for 2 hours. (no more P. Def nerf)

    Bow Range formula BUG fixed: The further you get away from the target, the more damage you'll give, however, that wasn't happening here. The "maximum damage range" was a fixed range and often less than your maximum actual range, making your damage at your maximum range to be less than it was supposed to be

    Tournament Updates

    Opponnent's remaining CP and HP will now be shown at end for the loser, or for both, in case of a tie.

    Dominator skills healing opponnent - BUG fixed.

    Skills not always having their delays reseted at the beggining - BUG fixed

    Players entering the tournament already "activated" (Zealot/Frenzy/etc) will now be prevented (buffs will be removed)

    CP Potions will no longer be available for use. Only common potions such as Healing potions and elixirs can be used from now on.

    Classes Adjustments

    +5% P. Atk.
    Moonlight Sentinel
    +3% Critical power
    Ghost Sentinel
    -2% Critical power (removed from boost)
    Note: All three archers now have the same Critical damage bonus (3%)

    +5% Atk. Speed.
    +5% Skills Damage

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