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Faris - 14/10/2021

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  • Faris - 14/10/2021

    Cancel formula have been reworked.

    What happened in the old calculation is that regardless of your resistances, the chance of EACH buff being removed was around 80%, way above the maximum allowed chance, which is 30%. Therefore, your resistances could not influence in any way. The formula was completely reworked and now your resistances will be able to influence. Therefore, depending on the situation, you won't always see the 5 buffs being removed all the time. Everything will be more dynamic.

    M. Atk. and M. Def. influence on debuffs formula have been reworked.

    The chance of all magic debuffs (only mage debuffs) is influenced by M.Atk. of the attacker and the M.Def. of the target. However, this calculation was causing only a Storm Screamer with 20k or more M.Atk to have a POSITIVE influence on the debuff chance. All other classes, with much lower M.Atk, suffered a NEGATIVE influence (in most cases), making the chance of their debuffs smaller. Therefore, this influence of M.Atk and M.Def in the formula was redone and DIMINISHED so that it doesn't influence that much. It will continue to influence and Storm Screamers who have the highest M.Atk will still have more chances to debuff, but the difference will be less. In short: the other classes will land more magic debuffs in certain occasions

    Skill Cancellation max negated buffs changed from 5 to 10. Reuse delay is now fixed at 30s.

    Skill Steal Divinity reuse delay is now fixed at 30s.

    Skill Warrior/Mage banes reuse delay is now fixed at 30s.

    Skill Dreaming Spirit reuse delay increased

    Skill Sleep and Sleeping Cloud hittime decreased

    Item Skill: Reflect Damage (Active) changed from 20% to 10%.

    Talisman Critical Reduction fixed (it was not working)

    Light Armor Mastery from Kamaels +5% Critical resistance (it was missing)

    It will no longer be possible to use any type of Escape in the tournament from now on.

    Hero Skills will not be reseted in Tournament anymore

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