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Faris - 04/11/2021

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  • Faris - 04/11/2021

    A new item have been created: Einhasad's Gold Bracelet. Activates 6 talisman slots when equipped. Increses your elemental power by 10 and Max MP by 180. Cannot be traded, dropped or sold.

    The bracelet can be obtained from the Grand Olympiad Manager with Olympiad Tokens or on the Exilium Store. The bracelet is a limited time item with a duration of 30 days.

    Item prices on the Grand Olympiad Manager reviewd. Giant's Codex and Ancient Enchants had their price reduced. Fame reward exchanged for MOG increased to 200.

    New special (and faster) mounts added as rewards to the Grand Olympiad Manager.

    Event Token will now be given as reward on the Scroll of War zones as well, along with Fame.

    Cursed Weapons (Demonic Sword Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah) reworked. They will now be much more powerful and deadly. Drop chance increased and It will now be possible to teleport to the Scroll of War zone wielding a Cursed weapon.

    From now on, anyone wielding a Cursed Weapon inside of Scroll of War zone will receive Event Token and Fame as reward per kill made inside the zone. Some basic restrictions are applied: Killing Clan/Ally members, newbies doesn't count. Also, a minumum number of players inside is required.

    Inside Olympiad Adjustments

    Spectral Dancer
    -5% PvP Physical Damage (removed from boost)
    -5% PvP Skill Damage (removed from boost)

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