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Faris - 11/11/2021

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  • Faris - 11/11/2021

    New rewards have been added for the Scroll of War. Now the event will have a winning Clan!

    The clan that has the highest score at the end of the event will receive a special skill called Clan Dominium. In addition, the winning clan will also earn Exilium Coins!

    The amount of Exilium Coins received will increase accordingly to the Clan Score and the total Fame distributed during the event, so the more the Score, the more PvP, more Exilium Coins will be given. The Exilium Coins will be deposited on the Clan's Warehouse.

    In addition to some bonuses, all Clan members who have the Clan Dominium skill will not have their Fame reduced when the server restarts, as usual.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	clan dominium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	12.4 KB ID:	169030

    Clan Dominium: Increases clan members' PvP Damage and Defense by 3%. Prevents clan members' to suffer the fame daily reduction.

    The Clan Dominium skill will stay in the Clan for only 24 hours. After that, it will dissapear. If the clan wins another SOW during this period, the period with the skill will be extended to another 24 hours.

    Warning: Too small PvPs will not enable the rewards. If any clan is caught feeding or practicing anti-gaming, the entire clan will be banned from all events for several days. Clan will not receive score on the SOW and members will not be able to register on any other event.

    Dual box will not be allowed on Scroll of Wars zones from now on. Only one character per PC will be allowed to enter the zone.

    Whenever a Cursed Weapon owner enters the Scroll of War zone, an announcement will be made to everyone followed by a small earthquake.

    "Tournament Event is Running ..." announcement Spam reduced. You'll only see this message once every 10 minutes, but that doesn't mean the event is not running.

    Tournament Event Tokens reward reduced to 10.

    The reward was purposely high to motivate players to attend the event. 10 Tokens is enough. Event Tokens should focus primarily on events, not Tournament. Also, we will add more rewards to the tournament later.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.