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Faris - 03/12/2021

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  • Faris - 03/12/2021

    We've implemented a new reward system for Castle Sieges. From now on, at the end of each Siege, the winning Clans of each castle will receive an amount of Exilium Coins.

    The amount of Exilium Coins each castle is "worth" will be determined by the amount of Wards the castle owns.

    In this initial moment we will give as a prize 50 Exilium Coins per Ward. Therefore, at the end of each Territory War, the Prize for the castles will be defined, based on how many Wards they conquered during the TW.

    You can also check each castle's prize by the NPC Mercenary Captain in each town by clicking on the "Siege Prize Information" link

    Life Stone levels will now influentiate the chance of getting skill augments and stats augments. Before, only Life Stone's grade influenced these aspects. Now, higher level life stones will give more chance of skills and stats.

    Making Symbols during the Olympiad fight has been blocked. From now on, you can only make symbols close to the NPC Symbol Maker.

    Magic Box - Mystic have been removed from the game. It will not be given as reward on events, and it will not drop from raid and grand bosses anymore.

    Magic Boxes are now stackeable (each one will consume only one slot in the inventory)

    Fame on Events has been reworked. Before, you received a greater amount of fame when defeating higher score opponents. That amount has now been drastically increased.

    Opponnent's Score Fame Before Fame now
    0 100 100
    1 100 200
    2 141 300
    3 173 400
    4 200 500
    5 224 600
    6 245 700
    7 265 800
    8 283 900
    9 300 1000
    10 316 1100
    20 447 2100
    30 548 3100
    As you can see, it's a good strategy to try to defeat higher scoring opponents in order to get more Fame. However, the maximum Fame that can be obtained per event is 5000.

    It's worth remembering that events don't just give Fame when defeating opponents. There are other ways to get fame in events: Capturing Flag, Openning Treasure Chests, Staying Alive During Survivor, Capturing Bases, etc.

    Drop chance of Magic Boxes on mobs inside Kamaloka have been increased.

    Green Talismans can now be purchased directly from Galius with Fame and Ancient Adena

    Green Talismans can now be used inside Olympiad and inside Tournament

    Dragon Claw drop added to all Dragon Vortex Raid Bosses with 10% chance

    Vote Reward reworked. There are no more "reward levels" as before. Everyone will get the same reward from now on, which will be one of each Magic Box (Codex, Scrolls and Mystic), plus a special box if you're premium: the Premium Reward Box

    What's inside the Premium Reward Box?
    Premium Reward Box
    Item Amount Chance
    Exilium Ether 10-100 30%
    Green Talismans 1-3 30%
    Greater CP Potion 100-1000 20%
    Agathions 1 10%
    Dragon Claw 1 4%
    Color Name 1 3%
    Skin Vault 1 3%
    PS: Loyalty Certificate is still there for now, the way it was.

    As informed in the previous changelog, there was a period for exchanging tokens. We have extended this period by a week, and now it is no longer possible to exchange them. However we have put the option to sell them on the NPC for a reasonable price, so if you still have Tokens, you can sell them for Adena on any NPC.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.