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Faris - 09/12/2021

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  • Faris - 09/12/2021

    The formula for calculating the success of skills and effects has been reworked.

    To be as succinct as possible: What has changed?

    1. CON and MEN from now on will influence LESS on resistances. Previously, both stats had a lot of influence, creating unbalance problems between races and dyes setup. From now on, they will continue to influence, but much less, in a more controllable way.

    2. The difference in level and magic level of skills will also influence LESS. All players are level 85, and this level influence doesn't make much sense on a PVP server. To summarize: Low level skills and skills that are not fully enchanted to +30 yet will have a slightly better chance compared as before.

    3. The "Attenuation System" has been removed. This system was intended to reduce chances that were very high, like a "hard limit". It worked in practice, but it was also an ugly fix. Since the new formula provides more control, we've decided to take it back and let the skills chances run their course depending on each situation.

    The influence of resistances remains the same, being these the ones that have the greatest influence from now on.

    In addition to these changes, we tried to make ALL chances slightly lower than before, as there were many complaints, but as commented above, due to the removal of the attenuation system, some chances might get higher than before depending on the situation.

    We created a new command for premium members: .debugme

    This command will tell you the final chance of the skills you use on others, and the skills others use on you.

    But be aware, each debug message will costs 3 million Adena. We recommend using the command only on specific situations, only for testing, and not all times.

    Use the command both to activate and deactivate the debug messages.

    This command is experimental and can be removed if it causes problems.

    Elemental Jewels are now being sold on Hector for Fame and Ancient Adena.

    Fame giving for each captured base on Battlefield event reduced from 500 to 300.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.