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Faris - 22/12/2021

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  • Faris - 22/12/2021

    Some debuffs were being canceled when using the skill again with the opponent already debuffed, such as: Bleed, Sting, Vortex, Ice Dagger, and all other physical and magical skills that deals damage and have debuff effects. This will not happen anymore from now on.

    Skill Concentration and Dance of Concentration always gave less bonus if you were using Heavy or Light. The already known "concentration nerf". This nerf have been reduced.

    Skill Touch of Eva have been reworked: Restores HP of party members by 50%. For 1 minute, increases Resistance to buff cancel attacks by 10, Resistance to debuff by 3 and the power of received HP recovery magic by 30%. When attacked, the enemy has a chance to lose 3% of his maximum health with a fixed rate. Restores 50 HP every second.

    Skill Seed of Revenge lv. 2 chance increased from 5% to 10% (as the all others are)

    Skill Demonic Blade Dance duration increased to 30 seconds. Chance increased.

    Skill Sword Symphony duration increased to 30 seconds.

    Skill Hurricane Assault critical chance increased from 15 to 30% (same as Triple Sonic Slash)

    Inside Olympiad Adjustments

    -5% Stun Proficience
    Phoenix Knight
    -5% Stun Proficience

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