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Faris - 23/12/2021

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  • Faris - 23/12/2021

    Previous changelog reworked:

    From now on all Dances, Songs and Chants enchanted on Cost route will not work inside Olympiads anymore, you'll receive the normal version of the buff instead. So when these skills on Cost route is used inside Olympiads, the normal version (+0) will be received instead.

    All nerfs that Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse and Doomcryer had inside Olympiads have been removed.

    The chance of Stun and Fear to be removed have been increased, especially with low damages.

    Skill Bluff reworked in such a way it will have more chance. The Bluff and Remove Target effect will have a fixed rate of 40%. The Stun effect remains the same, but with more chance. Stun duration decreased from 9s to 5s.

    Skill Deadly Strike duration increased to 4s.

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