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Faris - 07/02/2022

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  • Faris - 07/02/2022

    We implemented a new tool from the new chronicles called Auto Play. It allows the player to play automatically. Here it will be a little different as from the new chronicles, as it can only be used to hunt monsters (cannot be used in PVP), and will have a limited use time, which means players will have to acquire Auto Play "time" in order to use the tool. Also, only Premium characters will be able to use it

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Auto farm.png Views:	0 Size:	819.8 KB ID:	171557

    The usage time you have will be shown on the clock present in the tool itself (HH:mm)

    You can increase/acquire usage time in the following ways:

    By voting on the server you will receive 1h of Auto Play (Premium only)

    Completing the Kamaloka instance will give you 30min of Auto Play (Premium only)

    Upon completing Achievements, you will receive an item called an Auto Play Ticket. By using this item, you can increase your Auto Play time. This item is tradable, but can only be used by Premium players.

    You'll be able to exchange Event Medals for Auto Play Tickets too


    The FAFURION Client is outdated and has several problems (banning players, for example). Lately it is only being used by those who want to take advantage of auto-macros. With that in mind we've decided to temporarily disable it until we have time to fix it.

    Search our Website and Forum before post.