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Faris - 12/03/2022

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  • Faris - 12/03/2022

    "To War Zone" button removed when you die, so that the only way to get back to the Scroll of War zone is being ressurected or teleporting there again.

    From now on, everyone level 85 that enters the SOW zone will get flagged, not only "old players" as before.

    New feature added inside of Scroll of War Zone: Whenever a player dies inside of the SOW zone, there will be a chance of a Treacherous Chest be spawned. This monster is a little dangerous, but contain good drops (Magic boxes with 30% drop rate). The more the players inside the SOW zone, the less the chance of spawn.

    Events will now give Premium players +30min of Auto Play time directly on the Clock. However, Auto Play ticket has been removed from Hector.

    +10% PVE damage bonus removed from Premium Benefits.

    Skill Divine Punishment mana increased

    Skill Block Wind Walk and Mass Block Wind Walk now will return the cancelled buffs. Duration time reduced.

    Skill Touch of Death, Insane Crusher, Mage Bane, Warrior Bane, Mass Mage Bane and Mass Warrior Bane is no longer 100%. It will work as a debuff (will have chance to land). Duration increase from 20 to 30s. Reuse delay decreased (except IC)

    Skill Smart Cubic reworked. Before the cleanse was cast every 13 seconds. Now it will be cast every 9 seconds with 55% chance. That means the debuffs can last longer on the target (or not).

    Skill Life Cubic reworked. Before the heal was cast every 13 seconds. Now it will be cast every 10 seconds with 70% chance. That will heal a little less sometimes (or more other times)

    All cubics have charges, that was always like this, however, when the cubic reaches it's maximum charges it become IDLE and does nothing else until you summon another. The problem is that you'll never know when it reachead its maximum charges it can use. So from now on, when your cubic uses all of its charges it will dissapear.

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